Petkos Pet Keg 2.0

One-way recyclable 20L Petkos Pet keg with safety valve. We produce 4 types of fittings A, G, S, D and all of them come with safety valve.

Premium Pet Keg

Key features of our new One-way Pet Keg 2.0

Safety Valve

Additional protection with safety valve - made in the strictly hygienic environment.​

Cost Reduction

Around 30% lower costs per hectoliter than with metal kegs.


Our PET keg is 100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly. No worries about returned kegs.


You can use our PETKOS PET keg for beer, wine, water, coffee and carbonated drinks.

Watch our short video of the whole procedure

Expand your Possibilities

Our PET keg weights only 1.2 kg with transport ring. We produce 4 types of fittings "A", "G", "S" and "D" with safety valve. You can put more than 32% of our Pet Kegs into a VAN or TRUCK versus metal kegs!

You don't need any Special Adaption for Tapping

All fittings come with a safety-valve. Switching from stainless steel to our Petkos Pet Keg, doesn't require any additional equipment or adapters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find our most asked questions. For more Questions and Answers please read our FAQ page.

Does PETKOS Pet Keg fit my standard tapping equipment?

Yes, the PETKOS PET keg can be tapped to standard and Micromatic-compatible coupling systems
(A,  G,  S and D Types), no conversion and additional investment is necessary.

Can PETKOS Pet Keg be filled on my existing filling line?

Yes, for filling on steel keg lines PETKOS PET keg can be filled normally.
WARNING: The machine operator needs to disable the washing keg system before filling.

Can PETKOS Pet Keg be used and filled immediately?

Yes, PETKOS PET kegs are delivered ready-to-use, i.e. no cleaning or rinsing required.

Is PETKOS Pet Keg safe?

The keg should be used after you have read the instruction given above.
The PET keg is equipped with a pressure release function (safety valve) which automatically releases CO2.
Pressure releases automatically and in this way pressure inside the keg always stays max at 4.2 bar.

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We are specialized in making one-way Petkos PET kegs and fittings for all kind of beverages. 

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