Does the PETKOS PET keg fit my standard tapping equipment?

Yes, the PETKOS PET keg can be tapped to standard and Micromatic-compatible coupling systems
(A,  G,  S and D Types), no conversion and additional investment is necessary.

Can the PETKOS PET keg be filled on my existing filling line?

Yes, for filling on steel keg lines PETKOS PET keg can be filled normally.
WARNING: The machine operator needs to disable the washing keg system before filling.

Can PETKOS PET keg be used and filled immediately?

Yes, PETKOS PET kegs are delivered ready-to-use, i.e. no cleaning or rinsing required.

Is PETKOS PET keg recyclable?

Yes, PET keg is fully and easily recyclable in a standard plastic recycling stream.

Can PETKOS PET keg be used in hot areas?

Yes, the specified and continuously tested burst pressure of the keg is 7 bar. The CO2 content should not exceed 5.5 g/l. When pressure inside the keg increases more than 4,2 bar then safety valve opens itself and after that, it closes. Because of that PETKOS kegs are safe also in hot areas, nevertheless in the interest of the beer quality we recommend to monitor all kegs throughout the supply chain.

Is PETKOS PET keg safe?

The keg should be used after you have read the instruction given above.
The PET keg is equipped with a pressure release function (safety valve) which automatically releases CO2.
Pressure release automatically in this way pressure inside the keg always stays max at 4.2 bar.

How can PETKOS PET keg increase revenue?

The PETKOS kegs offers the possibility to increase export and explore new markets and reduces the cost of production and also there are benefits on all supply chain.

What are the risks of a PETKOS PET keg bursting?

When filled, handled and transported correctly, PETKOS kegs are completely safe. Maintain the correct filling pressure (Max 3.00 bar). Always handle with care. Burst pressure of a PET keg is 7 bar.

What is the shelf life of my product – in a PETKOS PET keg?

PETKOS kegs use Polyshield PET material with oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier technology, which allows 9 month shelf life of beer, under the proper storage conditions. PETKOS kegs are made with plain PET material without a special barrier for CO2 and it allows 3 months shelf life of beer. PETKOS kegs are delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile. As such, they can offer a shelf life equal to, or better than any “standard” metal containers.

What happens if a PETKOS PET keg gets hot inside the cargo container?

Like any pressurized container, PETKOS kegs are completely safe when transported, within the correct temperature guidelines. PET kegs should be stored at 6 – 22°C, although higher temperatures (up to 30°C) can be tolerated for short periods, max up to one week.

Can I manually fill a 'classic' PETKOS PET keg?

Yes, according to the available handling instructions.

Is a blown keg delivered sterile and pressurized with Co2 or N2?

Blown PETKOS kegs are delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile. They are pressurized with CO2 and for wine with N2.

Can I fill a PETKOS PET keg on my current keg line?

20 liter keg format have been designed for use on some existing, suitably modified metal keg filling lines.

Will PETKOS PET kegs taint/affect the flavour of my product?

No. PETKOS keg is the ideal solution for your beverages and is trusted by many breweries to preserve 100% of product flavour. PETKOS keg is totally inert, and will not influence or taint your products in any way.

How easy is it to dispense from a PETKOS PET keg in a bar?

PETKOS keg carries ‘Micromatic’ compatible fittings. Familiar to retail outlets world-wide, they require very little
additional training. Whilst fittings are MicroMac compatible, we cannot guarantee operation with alternative systems.

Can a bar's beer line be cleaned while dispensing from a PETKOS PET keg?

Yes, please direct your team to the following…

To disconnect:
1. Position the keg in an upright position.
2. Wrap a cloth around the fitting and dispensing head.
3. Pull the dispensing head handle upward.
4. Gently remove it from the keg.

Reconnect as quickly as possible:
1. Connect the dispensing head to the keg.
2. Keep hold of the dispensing head, release the keg and push down the dispensing head handle.
The keg is ready to dispense.

Are all the materials and components completely recyclable?

Yes 100%.  PET keg, packaging and fittings are among the greenest of contemporary packaging and can be fully recycled.

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