Handling and Safety Instructions


Learn how Petkos PET kegs benefits brewers and retailers.


We suport our buyers from beginning until the end of the purchasing process. We provide instructions, technical details and if needed additional staff training for handling Petkos PET kegs.

Filling Petkos PET Kegs

Manual filling, semi-automatic filling and automatic filling.

Logistic & Transportation

Logistics and transportation are a crucial part of the delivery chain from brewer to customer.  With our kegs your transportation will be much easier and profitable.

Our Fittings

We have 4  different fittings to choose.  Type “A”, “G”, “S” and “D”.  

What are you waiting for?

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About Us

We are specialized in making one-way Petkos PET kegs and fittings for all kind of beverages. 

Working Hours

We work 7 days a week, including major holidays. Contact us for any info.

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