• You can use our Petkos PET keg for beer, wine, water, coffee and carbonated drinks like coca-cola.
  • Petkos PET keg is around 10kg lighter than metal keg.
  • Enormous cost saving (around 30% lower costs per hectoliter than with metal kegs).
  • Excellent product protection. 
  • Couplers easily fit to fit Petkos PET kegs
  • Beer always available. Especially during the top season.
  • No washing required, no costly cleaning systems
  • Petkos PET kegs are easy to handle during the usage and during the transport.
  • Reduced storage space for a VAN and JUMBO truck.
  • Used kegs easily crushed and recyclable. (Before crushing it please release pressure out of keg).
  • No replacement costs of damaged, lost or stolen kegs.
  • Ease of opening new markets and outlets.
  • Petkos PET kegs and Petkos fittings are made in the strictly hygienic environment.
  • We produce 4 types of fittings “A”, “G”, “S” and “D” with safety valve.
  • Petkos PET kegs produced on demand.
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We are specialized in making one-way Petkos PET kegs and fittings for all kind of beverages. 

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We work 7 days a week, including major holidays. Contact us for any info.

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